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Sicily, some things you need to know if you go on vacation

Sicily, some things you need to know if you go on vacation
14 gennaio
23:07 2019

Sicily are a beautiful land, here are the things you need to know if you’re going on holiday in Sicily

Sicily is a land full of tradition and culture.  Did you Know that Sicily has the world’s oldest Parliament? It was convened for the first time in 1130 by King Ruggero II at Palazzo dei Normanni, today seat of the Sicilian Parliament. Probably Picasso’s most famous work, Guernica, is ispired to ‘Trionfo della morte’, painting of a sicilian artist. The italian language was born in Sicily then perfectioned in Tuscany, so much so that Jacopo da Lentini, sicilian poet, was the inventor of the sonnet. These are some of the many things that pertain this beautiful land.

Here are the things you need to know if you’re going on holiday in Sicily.

Sicily’s cozy… but never to take advantage

The Sicilians are very welcoming, this is their character. They treat guests as a family person, they are friendly, jovial, always smiling…but  never to take advantage their hospitality.  They might take offense, better apologize,  they really appreciate it.

Sicilians love their ‘street food’ and sweets

The corners of the city are full of street food vendors from palermo to Catania, Messina, Agrigento. Sicilians love their traditional street food. They are proud of their traditional desserts like Cassata, Cannoli o Granita. Here you can enjoy a variety of food and sweets like in no other country in the world.

 Sicilians love the warmth of the sun

It may seem strange but the mood of sicilians often changes with the weather! On beautiful sunny days they are happy whne it rains they are sad. Sicilians love the warmth of the sun.

Sicilians like to have lunch e dinner at home

The family is the most important thing, they love eating at home with their family members. For every Sicilian, Sunday family lunch is an indispensable and joyful ritual.

Sicilians like talk with everyone in a friendly way

Sicilians like to talk a lot and chat with everyone. Whatever you ask they will answer you. If you ask informations they are always available. They are often ironic and like to joke.

Sicilians like spending free time with friends

Sicilians like to surround themselves with friends. With them they spend a lot of time especially in the afternoon after work or in the evening. Often the bonds of friendship can become as familiar one.

Sicilians are very religious

Each Sicilian town has its patron saint. For a week on the feast date, the city parties hard, with the statue of the saint carried around the town. The most famous are: Sant’Agata (Catania), Santa Rosalia (Palermo).


Sicily is one of the most beautiful regions of Italy. The sea is crystal clear, the beaches huge and sunny, the people are welcoming and joyful. You can taste hundreds of typical dishes and differente desserts. It is a crossroads of races, cultures and traditions that over the centuries has given life to a single people: the Sicilian people. Visiting Sicily is the right thing to do.




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